About Us

Comperio was founded in 2004 in Athens, and is a modern company made up of young and extremely creative people with deep knowledge of new technologies.

It has a privately owned space on St. Kon/nou & Elenis 12, P.O. 136 71 Acharnai Attica.

Comperio has successfully established itself in the field of IT as a reliable and specialized provider of services and integrated solutions.

Comperio‘s goal is to supply its Customers with hardware and software products and to provide reliable services, always at a competitive cost.

In the context of better service to its customers, Comperio frames its Integrated Solutions with Consulting, Application Development, Training and Technical Support Services.

Also, in order to offer its customers high-level services, Comperio cooperates with leading IT companies, while it also has special partnerships to address the needs of specific customers and markets.